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Are you an entrepreneur with valuable ideas to release into the world?

Let me help you turn your book ideas into books in stores.

Madison Night

Are you an individual who’d like to preserve your life story or that of a loved one?`

Let me be your guide to writing and publishing for personal satisfaction.


There’s a saying: Every time an old person dies, a library burns down.


Your well-crafted business book is a powerful marketing tool.

Writing Partner

I’m Sarah White. I help people like you write about their life and work.

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Praise From Past Clients

Ellen Foley

Sarah White is a gifted writer and coach who helped me tame the irascible storm of ideas in my head about how to write my memoir. Her criticisms were gentle but insightful. Her resources were helpful and inspiring. I couldn’t have written my story without Sarah.

Ellen Foley
President of Foley Ink / Time-tested Success as Advisor to CEOs
Seth Kahan

I rely on Sarah for valuable support. She has helped me with multiple books and I continue to engage her to get my IP before my audiences. She is wicked smart, digests my ideas, and contributes to my success. That’s why I go back to her time and again.

Seth Kahan
Executive Strategy and Innovation Consultant, Author Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right