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Sarah E. White

I was born into a writing family.

Is it any surprise I now help people write about their work and lives? My name is Sarah E. White. I am an editor, an author, and a writing partner. I draw on my own entrepreneurial experience and writing career to help your dreams of writing come true.

I rely on Sarah for valuable support. She has helped me with multiple books and I continue to engage her to get my IP before my audiences. She is wicked smart, digests my ideas, and contributes to my success. That’s why I go back to her time and again. Seth K.

Sarah White is a gifted writer and coach who helped me tame the irascible storm of ideas in my head about how to write my memoir. Her criticisms were gentle but insightful. Her resources were helpful and inspiring. I couldn’t have written my story without Sarah. Ellen F.

What will you discover when you tell your story?

You have questions on how this all works. I have answers. Let’s talk.
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